The following are questions generated at the EEE workshop. What questions are you bringing to the table?

  • I am interested in learning new strategies/techniques for communication.
  • Strategies for EL learners
  • Basic language tips of what should we be doing to be helpful to kids that are bilingual as well as ELL

  • What are some cultural differences around expressiveness/expectations for young children to be talkative?
  • How do we integrate other languages into our curriculum?
  • Is it useful to learn simple phrases in a child's home language to help engage them in learning English?
  • When I have tried to speak a word or phrase in another language, the child will often laugh or seem not to understand. Should I keep trying?
  • How can I better understand a child who is just learning to speak in two (or more) languages?

  • How do we work with ELL families effectively?
  • What are some ways to involve the ELL's parents more in their child's learning? Especially when there is a language barrier?

  • How do we express/teach rules/expectations when visuals aren't available or appropriate?

  • Why does language seem to come in spurts?
  • When should a child be able to reference themselves as "I"? (not 3rd person)

  • What are good resources to look up key words to help us facilitate language for our ELLs?